GraphLinq Introduction

The goal of GraphLinq is to provide a way to interact with the blockchain with any connected systems as effortlessly as possible and without knowing how to code.

Setting up bots, or basic scripted logic, arbitrages on DEX or trading on a centralized exchange, we build the tools that help the decentralization adoption, every business have a logic that can be automated, we make it possible through monitoring and execution over multi-blockchains data.

In this documentation, you will find the basic knowledge of the GraphLinq Protocol and will get a better idea of how things work.

What exactly Graphlinq is and what is our vision?

GraphLinq is a set of tools including an IDE and an engine that run simultaneously with multiple blockchains and centralized data stream to offer a service of automatization of a process without coding skill required.

You can use the GLQ Token (ERC-20 Ethereum Token) to run a graph on our test net or our main net to execute different processes over the blockchain to automate your tasks, watching easily Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum transactions, triggering events, or doing conditional regular expression is possible with only a few nodes.

We believe that a lot of the job tasks run on mainstream crypto projects can be automated and generated with node graphs, so that the data can be listened to, triggered, and saved to a safe place accessible for maintaining service from an off-chain side, with the fewer fees and complexity.

What is a Graph and how does it work?

A graph is a set of nodes attached that automate on-chain and off-chain tasks. Using the GraphLinq IDE, you can import any graph file (.glq file) or templates from our listed base graphs.
Once you're up and ready to deploy your graph, you can use the dashboard interface to upload it and execute it on the protocol.

How can i run graphs on the Engine? Do i need a Wallet?

Nodes have a cost of executions, which is calculated as GAS, you need to register with your ETH wallet on the dashboard to sign a transaction to authentify you on our Engine and getting a session.

Once you are connected you need to deposit the wallet smart-contract to consume gas fees from the execution of your graph, it works like a cloud computing service. The fees will be taken from the smart-contract when you decide to withdraw your balance.

So what is a node? And how much does it cost?

A node (blocks) is what graphs are made of, it describes the structure of your execution path. We prebuilt a set of nodes in the GraphLinq engine so that you can execute by passing through your needed parameters.

This means that you can launch on the Engine a set of blocks that automate a task without coding any of the business logic needed. To avoid having an overwhelm or a congested network we have to apply fees for execution (known as GAS on Ethereum network) each block type has a different cost of execution within its Cycle optimized by the network and CPU consumed by itself.

Our founders, Behind GraphLinq

At GraphLinq, we believe that an extraordinary team focused on the same objectives can build and change the future of the crypto-market, that is our founder's missions, helping the blockchains being more accessible to everyone.

Frederick Marinho

CEO, Co-Founder

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After many years of investing in the cryptocurrency market, Frederick participated in several blockchain projects and decided to start a new entrepreneurship journey.

As a software engineer and a blockchain passionated trader, he saw the potential in the manipulation of blockchain data and figured out that there were many needs for a new innovative project to emerge.

Located in France, Paris.

Nicolas Martins

CTO, Co-Founder

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With a strong background in science and software engineering with +5 years of experience, Nicolas has a global understanding of technical matters within the blockchain world and infrastructure.
He loves to implement new technology and solve technical challenges. After several years in the IT domain, he struggled with automation issues in his job, understood that a lot of tasks should not be time-consuming and could be scripted.

Located in France, Paris.

Rishabh Anand

Chief Marketing Officer

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Rishabh has a strong relevant experience in blockchain, crypto & defi ecosystem.
He is also an active crypto evangelist & influencer in India, introduced thousands of people to crypto in his country already by educating them for free during the lockdown.

With more than 4 years of active experience in the space, he joined Graphlinq at an initial phase and is now working on expanding the platform's adoption worldwide.

Located in Delhi, India.

Hugo Malatrait

Software engineer

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Hugo is the front-end developer of the GraphLinq Interface, passionate about computer sciences innovation, always up for learning and practicing new things.
Interested in domains like networking, cybersecurity, video games, streaming platform, cloud computing, blockchains, and decentralization.

Located in France, Paris.

John R. Bussiculo (known as jr00t)

Software Engineer

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John is a Full-Stack Developer for the GraphLinq Analytics Platform. His passion for new technologies and blockchain projects is always evolving to meet the changing demands of the cryptocurrency industry.
He enjoys teaching others as well as speaking to a wide audience about the advantages of blockchains and new projects.

Located in New York, US.

Saad El Madafri

Back-end Software engineer

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Saad is a talented Back-end Software Engineer for the GraphLinq engine and protocol. He's a technology enthusiast enthousiast, his range of skills go from deep learning to blockchain through computer graphics and cryptography.
He loves new challenges and is always eager to learn new things and always stays at a state-of-art level

Located in France, Paris.

Saurav Devrani

Marketing Executive

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Digital marketing, organic growth & crypto is all what Saurav has been doing for past 3 years. At Graphlinq, Saurav is working on organic campaigns & creative branding.

Located in Delhi, India.

Beruk Wubeshet

Public Relations Executive

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Beruk has over 3 years of marketing and product development experience.
He implements creative strategies to identify and engage with target audiences. He’s an exceptional communicator and has strong negotiation skills.

Extremely passionate about blockchain development, Beruk is excited about Graphlinq’s potential. He aims to advance Graphlinq by fulfilling stakeholder needs, along with designing creative marketing campaigns.

Located in Seattle, United States.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us at [email protected]