Each Element In Array

The "Each Element In Array" block in GraphLinq IDE iterates over each element in an array, providing a way to perform operations on individual array elements.

Block Description

This block, under the Array category, is designed for element-wise processing within an array.

Input Parameters

  • Array (List<object>): The array to be iterated over.

Output Parameters

  • Each (Node): Represents the node executed for each array element.

  • Item (object): The current element being processed in the array.

Example Use Case

In a customer feedback analysis graph, the "Each Element In Array" block can be used to iterate over each piece of feedback, processing it for sentiment analysis.


In this example we first create a new array and add two elements. (Item1 and Item2). Next we loop through the array and perform a print on each item. When complete, the graph prints DONE and stops the graph.

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