What are Graphs and how do they work?

What is a Graph in GraphLinq?

A graph in GraphLinq is a set of nodes that automate on-chain and off-chain tasks. Using the GraphLinq IDE, you can import any graph file (.glq file) or templates from our listed base graphs. Once you're ready to deploy your graph, you can use the dashboard interface to upload it and execute it on the GraphLinq protocol.

Do I need a Wallet to run Graphs on the Engine?

Yes, you need an EVM-compatible wallet to run graphs on the GraphLinq Engine. You will use this wallet to register on the dashboard and sign transactions that authenticate you on the Engine and initiate a session.

To deploy your graph, you'll need to deposit funds into a smart contract on the GraphLinq chain, which will be used to pay for the execution costs of your graph, known as gas fees. The smart contract acts like a cloud computing service, and fees will be taken from your balance when you withdraw.

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