This block category includes all block types that pertain to Discord, a messaging service and community platform.

`Discord Connector` blocks are used to establish a connection to the Discord API, which is a necessary step before using any other block type in this category.

We can detect Discord commands as well as general messages in a Discord channel using On Discord Command and On Discord Channel Message blocks. Using On Discord Private Message blocks, we can also detect private messages received by the user whose token we initialized our Discord connection with.

We can reply to private messages using Reply Private Discord Message blocks, and send messages and files to Discord channels using Send Discord Channel Messageand Send Discord Channel File blocks.

It is also possible to add and remove Discord server roles from users using Add Role User and Remove Role User blocks.

Finally, we can add emoji reactions to messages using Add Emoji On Message blocks, and detect when and by whom specific emoji reactions are added or removed from specific comments using On Reaction Added Message and On Reaction Removed Message blocks.

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