Send Discord Channel Message

Send Discord Channel Message blocks are used to send messages in Discord channels either through a Discord bot or a Discord user account (depending on what inputs we pass to our Discord Connector block).

Send Discord Channel Message blocks have four inputs: a Discord connection (which must be established with a Discord Connector block), a Discord guild (server) ID, a Discord channel ID, and the message to be sent.

The guild ID and channel ID for any Discord channel can be found in the Discord App by right-clicking on either the guild (server) or channel, and then click "Copy ID".

In the example below, we send a message every 10 minutes about the price of Polygon to a specific Discord channel using a Send Discord Channel Message block:

The example above is driven by the Timer block, which fires every 600 seconds, triggering the Get CoinGecko Coin block to retrieve the price of Polygon from CoinGecko. The price is then packed into a short message using a Replace String In String block and finally sent to the Send Discord Channel Message block. This causes our Discord bot, identified by the token we give to the Discord Connector block, to output the message about Polygon's price in the channel and server specified by the ID strings we have supplied to the Send Discord Channel Message block.

Send Discord Channel Message blocks also output a piece of data called "MessageId", which is an identifier for the message that was sent. We could use this as input to blocks that require a message ID, like On Reaction Added Message and On Reaction Removed Message blocks, which could be used to track certain kinds of emoji reactions to our message.

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