Add Array Element

The "Add Array Element" block in the GraphLinq IDE is a powerful tool for dynamically expanding arrays by adding new elements. This block is instrumental in scenarios where ongoing data collection or real-time data updates are necessary.

Block Description

The "Add Array Element" block falls under the Array category in the GraphLinq IDE. It's designed to insert a new element into an existing array, with optional size limitation functionalities.

Input Parameters

  • Array (List): The array to which a new element will be added. It must be an existing array.

  • Element (object): The new element to be added to the array. It can be of any data type.

  • Size Limit (int): An optional parameter that specifies the maximum allowed size of the array. If provided, the array will not exceed this size.


This block does not have an explicit output but modifies the input array by adding the new element.

Example Use Case

Consider a scenario where real-time stock market data is collected. As new stock prices arrive, the "Add Array Element" block can add these prices to an existing array for later analysis or visualization.

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