Geth Client

Geth (short for Go Ethereum) is a client software for the Ethereum blockchain. It is written in Go programming language and serves as the reference implementation of the Ethereum protocol.

Geth implements the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which is responsible for executing smart contracts on the Ethereum network. It is designed to support the Ethereum blockchain and its associated decentralized applications, and provides a full node for the Ethereum network.

Geth enables users to interact with the Ethereum network, including sending and receiving transactions, creating and deploying smart contracts, and querying the Ethereum blockchain for information. It also provides a JSON-RPC interface that allows developers to interact with the Ethereum network programmatically.

Geth includes various features that make it a valuable tool for developers and users of the Ethereum network, such as support for light clients (for lighter, faster node operations), support for mining, and support for transaction tracing and debugging.

In the context of the GraphLinq Chain, Geth is used as the Ethereum client to run a full node on the network. This enables users to validate transactions and maintain a copy of the blockchain ledger, providing a level of security and decentralization to the network. The use of Geth allows for compatibility with the Ethereum network and ecosystem, including tools, libraries, and dApps.

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