Staking will provide GLQ holders with a way to earn rewards for participating in the growth of GraphLinq. With the launch of the GraphLinq Chain, staking rewards will be even higher, providing a higher annual percentage yield (APY) for GLQ holders who choose to participate in the program. The staking on will be auto-migrated to GraphLinq Chain mainnet. If you have GLQ staked on the app, simply switch the network and you will find a "Claim" button on our network where you will be able to claim your staked GLQ on the new chain.


Focused on incentivizing those who participate in validating transactions on the GraphLinq Chain. Selected validators will lock their GLQ to earn rewards while contributing to the security and stability of the network.

Validators play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the blockchain network by verifying transactions and adding them to blocks. In return for their contributions, they receive a portion of the rewards generated by the network. This creates a mutually beneficial situation in which the network benefits from increased security and stability, while the validators earn a return on their investment. By becoming a validator, they can generate passive income without having to actively trade or manage their GLQ.

Since we follow a PoA consensus, this program is only limited for a few validators but we will open up the network to more validators. This will provide a more decentralized and secure network, while also allowing more validators to contribute to the growth of the ecosystem. To further promote transparency and accountability, we will also release an app that will showcase the amount of GLQ staked by each validator. This will give the community a clear view of who the validators are and how much they are contributing to the network, helping to ensure that the network remains secure and stable for all users.

Engine Rewards

By running a graphlinq engine locally on your pc, you are executing graphs on-chain which will trigger nodes and notify that you're actively contributing to the network, which in turn will reward you with GLQ. (coming soon)

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