Base Variable

This category of blocks comprises block types that correspond to all the basic data types in computer science: Boolean, Decimal, Integer, Long, and String. Additionally, this category contains Secret String blocks, which are equivalent to String blocks in every way except that they hide their contents from whomever is viewing the graph file.
The block types listed above can be used to enter hard-coded data directly into our graphs (analgous in programming to using 'literals').
Moreover, by using the Set variable block, we can declare and assign to variables in order to save data within our graph's data context. Data stored this way can be retrieved with Get variable blocks.
This category also contains the Is Variable Exist block, which determines which path to execute based upon whether a variable by a given name has already been declared with a Set variable block.
Finally, this category also contains the Variable Portal block, which allows us to pipe data from one area of our graph to another while keeping things visually tidy.