Creation and registration

To use the GraphLinq Engine test-net or main-net you need to have a wallet for submitting graphs execution over the network. Basically, a web3 compatible wallet is needed for linking with our engine.

> What is Web3?

On metamask, you can review your list of tokens and receive payments in your own ETH address. You can use any of the compatible wallet over the list above:

You need to have a chromium compatible browser to install plugins to create an Ethereum wallet, MetaMask is the most mainstream and used extension.

> MetaMask Extension Link

Once you have your wallet and created a new Ethereum address, you can use it to make transactions over the Ethereum network, to add the GraphLinq Token to your token list browse to "Add a token" and "Custom Tokens": copy-paste the GLQ token address available at the home page of this documentation.

Now, you need to sign up into the Dashboard interface with your wallet to get registered into GraphLinq, select a wallet from the list on then follow the steps:

You will need to sign a transaction that notifies us about the ownership of your wallet (it's signed with your private key) which allows the Engine to read and check that the signed transaction is from your wallet. A session will start with the engine on your browser linked to the Engine network, you can now deploy and manage your graphs securely.