Protocol Roadmap

The project roadmap is subject to change-over-time since DAO governance will have a weight in the decisions over the roadmap progress and will therefore decide the goals and continuous development.

Q1 2021

  • GraphLinq Protocol creation, development of the network Engine and including base Defi / main-stream data flux such a centralized exchange like Binance in the coding process.
  • Developing the front landing page with the basic information about the Protocol, releasing GraphLinq WhitePaper.
  • Creating the web dashboard interface for managing wallet and graph state.
  • Starting the development of the API for the connection between the dashboard and the engine to control graphs processes.
  • Developing and releasing the Beta of the IDE for editing and creating new graphs with + 64 different block types.
  • Coding the smart-contract for the wallet balance system manager connected and managed through the API linked to the dashboard interface.
  • Preparing the token GLQ contract to be deployed on the Ethereum network for the project launch process.
  • Releasing open-source on GitHub all codebases of any repository of the GraphLinq Protocol.

Q2 2021 (Or Late Q1)

  • Deploying GLQ token on the Ethereum main-net network.
  • Deploying Uniswap Pool for the GraphLinq Token with the Unicrypt public presale to kickstart the asset liquidity to reach an approximate valorization of 700,000$ and initializing the token launch price at ~ 0.004$ with a token supply of 500.000.000.
  • Coding and Releasing the GraphLinq Pay contract to buy GLQ directly through the dashboard based on Uniswap token price.
  • Improving the engine accessibility and extend the ecosystem over multi-blockchain connectors and more exchanges data streams (Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, Elrond Network.., extending Defi and adding Cefi Datas).
  • Releasing the Mainnet for the Engine protocol with based configured blocks price customized on the current GLQ market growth and price.

Q3 2021

  • Starting the development of a mobile application (GraphLinq MobileApp, may be renamed until then) to manage graphs state and deploy them through a practical interface.
  • Adding an incentive feature for sharing own made graph and getting rewarded in GLQ token from other members utilization of a graph (through reducing the amount of burned GLQ token for paying gas and sharing to graph maker as a bonus).
  • Developing a marketplace web app of graphs for the GraphLinq protocol, to buy and sell custom graphs over an online interface.
  • Starting the development of the entire decentralization of the protocol through connecting the Engine over a POS-based blockchain.
  • Adding DAO Governance over Aragon to vote on which blocks and new libraries to link on the network, members proposal of Pull Request of new integrated blockchain data to the Engine and rewarding them through a Bounty program.

Q4 2021

  • Migration of the GLQ token from ETH to the new GraphLinq Proof Of Stake blockchain.
  • Releasing the Market place and offers rewards for the first templates developed and added through the web app.
  • Migrating the DAO Aragon Governance over the POS GraphLinqChain.
  • The GraphLinq Chain will allow safe and decentralized actions through the Engine, releasing libraries to directly execute multi-transaction over a graph on multiple chains with custom wallet on blocks (ethereum, binance smart chain)...
  • Integration of a Lua virtual machine on the Engine handler to offer even more flexibility on graph creation and development.