String Contains

String Contains blocks make it possible to search through a string to see if it contains some other string. This allows us to sift through text from whatever sources and check for certain words or phrases.

In the following example, we check every message that a Telegram bot hears to see if it contains the string "forbidden phrase". If it hears "forbidden phrase", it sends a warning message in the same Telegram channel that it heard the message in.

In this next example, we listen to tweets from some particular Twitter account, and if they contain "Bitcoin" or "btc", a message is printed to the logs with a Print block.

In the above example, we use a String Contains block to check every tweet made by FamousTwitterHandle. We first check to see if the tweet contains "Bitcoin". If it doesn't then we use a second String Contains block to see if it contains "btc". Note that String Contains blocks are not case sensitive, so this graph would also detect "bitcoin" and "BTC".

If the String Contains blocks detect either "Bitcoin" or "btc" (or "bitcoin" or "BTC"), then we print a message about it into the logs. Note that we could do something more interesting after detecting a phrase in a tweet, like send a message from a Discord bot, send ourselves an email or phone notification, or even deploy a buy or sell order on Binance.