Concat String

Concat String blocks are used to combine two strings into one string. They take three strings as input: the two strings you want to merge together, and a delimiter string. When a Concat String block executes, it will stick the second string onto the end of the first string, with the delimeter string inserted between them. If you don't provide a delimiter, then it will default to a space character.

In the above example, we are looking up the price of Bitcoin on CoinGecko. Then, we are using a Concat String block to combine the string "Bitcoin price:" with whatever price is output by the Get CoinGecko Coin block. The resulting concatenated string is then passed to the Print block as a single string, where it is printed to the logs looking something like:

Note that in the above example, we didn't pass anything as the third "Delimiter" input of the Concat String block. Therefore, the default space character was used, which is why there is a space between the : and the 3.

If instead we attach a String block as the delimiter of the Concat String, but then leave the string empty, then no delimiter will be used, and our two strings will be merged directly together with nothing between them, like in the following example:

It is also possible to insert a line break between our strings by pressing enter after clicking in the String block like so: